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BBC's Stephen Nolan reveals he has lost three stone in latest weight-loss attempt

Heavyweight BBC presenter Stephen Nolan has revealed he has lost three and a half stone.

As he took to the air on Monday morning, fellow presenter Vinny Hurrell remarked that his shirt was "hanging off him".

Nolan has previously publicly documented his weight-loss attempts.

Last year he put five stone back on after losing seven in 2014 when he had dropped from 22st down to 15.2st.

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Nolan told listeners this morning that he had now lost three and a half stone but that he was "still fat".

But when Vinny told him he needed a smaller shirt, Nolan rebuked him saying that he was holding out until he has lost "all the weight".

He added that when he returns to America for his holidays that he will be ready for the famous Muscle Beach - where weight-lifters still frequent to work out as tourists watch on.

He said: "I'm going to run along the beach in Santa Monica in my little thong. I'm going to Muscle Beach.

He added: "I'm not sure if I will."

It is not known what diet or exercise plan Nolan is on but last June the BBC journalist had to be rescued from the Mournes by the PSNI as he admitted he was at crisis point over his weight.

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