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BBC's Stephen Nolan's weight loss 'dramatically saved his life,' says health expert

BBC presenter Stephen Nolan has shed the pounds.
BBC presenter Stephen Nolan has shed the pounds.

Broadcaster Stephen Nolan has been told by a health and wellbeing expert that his extreme weight loss has dramatically saved his life.

Years of poor diet and a lack of exercise saw the radio and TV balloon to more than 22st, howeve,r in the last few months he made it his goal to get below 15st before a US summer holiday.

Through a strict diet - which saw Nolan eating just 650 calories each day - and a five-day-week gym routine, he made it to 14st 12lbs one month prior to his trip to Santa Monica in California.

The broadcaster wanted to test his achievement by running the length of Santa Monica beach during his trip.

Speaking to health and wellbeing expert Rosemary Conley on the Nolan Show, he described the feeling of accomplishing his dream.

He said: "Last November I couldn't walk along the beach - 100 yards or 200 yards - I was out of breath. I said to myself last November 'when I come back in July, I want to run the full length of it'.

"So I ran from my hotel the whole length of the beach. And you see that feeling of achieving that goal. It felt incredible."

Rosemary Conley told Nolan that by getting below 15st, the 45-year-old presenter had added 10 years to his life.

"The number of fat cells that you have in your body will always be there, but they fill up or empty," she explained.

"What you've done with you cells with the fat cells that you had when you were 22st is you've emptied a lot of the fat that was in those, and that has made you significantly, significantly healthier and slimmer.

"You have dramatically saved your life, and you're doing the exercise which is fantastic."

It's not really surprising that you went mad, because suddenly you were out of prison.

During his holiday, however, Nolan treated himself after 24 weeks of restrictive dieting gaining 1st 7lbs in the process.

Ms Conley said she wasn't surprised by the sudden jump in weight, as he had "imprisoned" himself by his intensive diet.

"That's not really surprising, when you've been eating so little. And also, it's not really surprising that you went mad, because suddenly you were out of prison," she said.

"Because you did put yourself in a prison for 24 weeks. So that's part of putting yourself on so few calories and you cannot live on that in the long term. It's not enough for you to live on."

Rosemary Conley advised Nolan to maintain his slimmed-down physique going forward by eating a more reasonable amount of calories, while still keeping up his gym routine.

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