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BBC's Wendy Austin gets wave of support after angry troll farewell letter

Wendy Austin
Wendy Austin

By Staff Reporter

Fans and colleagues rushed to offer their support for popular BBC broadcaster Wendy Austin after she was targeted by a vicious anonymous troll.

Wendy, one of the best-known faces and voices on BBC Northern Ireland, recently announced she was retiring from her front line role at at the broadcaster.

That news was enough to trigger a nasty troll to pen a page of abuse — all in capital letters —  insulting the much-loved presenter.

Wendy tweeted the crank letter describing the sender as a "kind person" and thanking them for their support, which sparked a wave of sympathy and support.

BBC broadcaster Stephen Clements called the troll “absolute scum" while Belfast Telegraph contributor Leona O’Neill posted: “What a sad individual.

“You’re a class act, an inspiration, an absolute legend.

“People with insecurities of their own like to try to knock strong women down.

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“This is someone with hate and hurt in their lives. Remain steadfast in your fabulousness.“

Mary McIntyre of the Titanic Board Foundation said: "Obviously your talent and well-deserved success have annoyed Anon, who clearly lacks both."

Artist Colin Davidson said: "The beautiful, true reality is the polar opposite of everything this horrible individual states."

And JP Adrian Huston tweeted: "A disgraceful letter to have been sent.

"Shows an old school approach to today's prevailing culture...those mad angry things you might have once just muttered in your kitchen, you now announce to the world, or in this case commit to paper. Ignore the eejits and enjoy your life."

Weatherman Barra Best added: "Dead on "anon". Back in your box."

A former Belfast Telegraph reporter, Wendy (67) was awarded an honorary degree by the University of Ulster in 2005.

She also received an MBE in the Queen’s 2012 Birthday Honours List.

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