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Beating ‘a reminder of Wright murder’

The attack on a young Catholic man in south Belfast last Friday was a show of strength by paramilitaries in the Village, a source has told the Community Telegraph.

They said that the attack was not just on 18 year old James Turley — who was working as an extra in a movie when he was attacked and dumped in a wheelie bin — but also on ‘decent’ members of the community.

The source, who did not want to be named, said the use of a wheelie bin in the attack was a reminder to the local community of the murder of Margaret Wright in 1994.

That killing was described by the RUC as one of the most horrific murders of the Troubles, and she too appeared to be the victim of a loyalist gang.

The source said: “They knew that using a bin would stir up that memory of the past — the image of the girl being wheeled away in a bin and dumped.

“There is a feeling of guilt in the community about that still, but we didn’t kill her — they did.

“It was a deliberate attempt to terrorise this young fella and remind the community of that murder,” they said.

“This community feels they are being controlled by elements that do not represent them — we feel that the decent people of this area are not being listened to. We have come through hell, we’re not the only area, but there is a belief that there are dividends for this ‘peace’.

“They like to call themselves ‘former combatants’, they demand what they want but ordinary people belonging to no group just want to live in peace and their demands aren’t met.”

The teenager was confronted by a mob in the Village area of the city where a production team had just finished filming a scene for the movie, The Good Man, starring The Wire's Aidan Gillen.

Four other friends who were with him had also been taking part in the film.

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