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'Because of the stigma, I kept it to myself. Not any more'

Former Kincora residents Clint Massey and Gary Hoy are no longer afraid of what people may say or think about them.

Both are still dealing with the emotional and psychological scars of the sexual abuse they suffered as young boys while staying in this now vacant Victorian building.

Gary Hoy (53) now lives just a couple of miles away.

As he stands under the top bedroom where he used to sleep, he says he has threatened to take his own life in despair.

"I'm standing here shaking like a leaf, as that's my bedroom up there, that top one which I shared with my three mates.

"I'm getting shivers down my back," he said. "I'll get a wee bit of relief if it's destroyed."

Clint Massey (57), who now lives in Bangor, ruefully says that he was lucky that he only had to spend eight months living at Kincora, where he was abused by the housemaster, William McGrath.

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"My father and mother never knew anything, my sister didn't know anything, until I went public. I had to keep it all to myself," he said.

"The stigma of that sort of abuse means that you hide it.

"Because of the stigma you just carry it with you and bite your tongue.

"But not any more. Those days are gone and I will speak out."

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