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Beeb doubles value with twin presenters

by Michael Bashford

Twins from Bangor have have been selected by the BBC to present a new children’s TV programme.

Sarah and Callum McLaughlin will present My Place , My Space, which begins filming in July.

Both children attend the Dreamcatchers Theatre and Educational Drama Company at the WEB theatre in Newtownards and appear regularly on stage, performing in local productions there.

Artistic director and tutor at the WEB, Candice Foster, is often contacted by TV and film casting directors seeking local talent for various projects.

“We were asked if we could put forward twins, preferably a boy and a girl who would be capable of presenting a series of programmes for young people,” she said.

“The children were to have good on-screen chemistry and the ability to act naturally in front of camera.”

Candice said Callum and Sarah were an obvious choice as they are both talented and well behaved and have the experience gained at Dreamcatchers, being able to project a strong stage presence.

Ian Foster, managing director at the WEB, said both children enjoyed the audition process during which they were asked to participate in drama games and act out various improvisations.

“This would be similar to the activities which the children would undertake each week at their drama class,” he said.

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