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Beef is on the menu

By Brénna Walsh

It was ‘Love Beef Week’ last week, and to celebrate the occasion the Livestock and Meat Commission (LMC) held a small cookery demonstration.

The CT was invited to the demonstration at Brunswick Street’s Belfast Metropolitan College.

Before the cooking started we were given an education on the different cuts of meat by experienced butcher, George McCartney, who kindly provided the meat for the demonstration from his butchers shop, McCartney's in Moira.

We were also shown how to make a delicious starter to any dinner — asparagus wrapped in teriyaki beef.

Although I am not a fan of beef I have often wonder how to cook the perfect steak, and it’s always better to ask the professionals.

We were each given our very own ribeye steak. And if you are like me and are not quite sure when raw steak becomes medium, or when medium become well done, then you might find some of these tips useful.

If the steak feels like your cheek then it is raw; if it feels like your chin, then it’s medium; and if it feels like your forehead then it’s well done.

We each made our own perfect steak with a cognac cream, and after many burns, spills and general mess we had our very own free lunch.

The LMC now has a website dedicated to beef and lamb which includes recipes along with cooking tips and advice.

So if you are a lover of beef or lamb and want to make a quick, easy and healthy meal, visit to check out the recipes.

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