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Belfast airport job cuts fuel security fears

The number of specially-trained police on security duty at Belfast International Airport is to be reduced in a cost-cutting exercise described as “madness”.

It has been claimed that eight of the 21 fully-armed police will be cut, with the remainder having to change their shifts to ensure the airport is still provided with armed 24-hour security, every day of the year.

A security source told the Daily Mirror: “Slashing the numbers of constables who are specifically trained to safeguard the public using Aldergrove Airport and the staff working there is madness. I cannot be justified under the current severe threat level.”

The PSNI has offered overtime and staffing assistance to the airport but a source has pointed out that with the nearest police station was too far away to offer prompt assistance. “Waiting for officers to scramble here from ten miles away could just take to long.”

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