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Belfast at night: Stunning aerial photographs show Northern Ireland's capital city after dark

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Daring Northern Ireland photographer Colin Bailie has taken to the skies in freezing temperatures to snap some stunning photographs of Belfast at night.

City landmarks such as the Harland and Wolff cranes, Belfast City Hall with the Christmas market, Titanic Belfast and the dome of Victoria Square are visible among the illuminated buildings.

Colin, who is based in Donaghadee, took the images for a new book planned for the US and shared some of them with the Belfast Telegraph.

Colin said: "The aerials were shot from a commercial helicopter with open doors. I was restrained by the open door with a body harness tethered to a fixing on the helicopter floor.

"The stills were taken with a Canon DSLR which was handheld.  Temperature was just on freezing so it was a little cold but I wore a thermal suit, overhead and gloves.  All made for an incredible experience."

Colin has previously taken photos of the Mourne Mountains after they were blasted by snow blizzards in 2013.

The blizzards that caused widespread disruption and saw snow drifts up to 20ft high in the mountains.

The Mournes photos are viewable here.

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