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Belfast bar offers free drinks to firefighters after Primark blaze

By Michael Sheils McNamee

Businesses in the city centre have rallied to support the emergency services who battled the blaze at a city centre Primark.

One Belfast bar is offering free drinks to those involved in putting out the fire.

More than 100 firefighters battled for over six hours as the fire ripped through the Bank Buildings.

Firefighters remained at the scene into the evening, working to secure the area and ensure the last embers had been extinguished.

To support those battling the blaze, businesses have offered their support to those those involved in the firefighting efforts.

In a post to its Twitter account on Tuesday evening, the Sunflower Pub - situated a short walk from the Primark building - offered a free drink to anyone involved in battling the blaze.

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph, the bar's manager Bob McManus said: "I just thought it has been a tough day for everyone in Belfast and there have been a lot of people involved in putting out that fire. Obviously they are going to be on different shifts and patterns, but if anyone wants to come in we’ll sort them out with a few drinks.

Asked who the offer was extended to, Mr McManus said: "fire fighters, ambulance staff, anyone who might have be working in the building itself. Anyone involved really."

Staff from local branches of Starbucks and McDonalds were spotted at the scene handing out drinks and food to emergency service staff at the scene.

Firefighters deal with a major blaze at Primark in Belfast on August 28th 2018 (Photo by Kevin Scott for Belfast Telegraph)

The businesses and their staff were praised by social media users.

On Twitter, one paramedic wrote: "A big thank you to @McDonaldsUK and @Starbucks for looking after the emergency services today in Belfast."

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