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Belfast bar Tutti-Frutti blames 'typo' for 'racial slur' cocktail

A new Belfast bar caused a stir over cocktail name.
A new Belfast bar caused a stir over cocktail name.

By James Gant

A new Belfast bar to open at the weekend blamed a typo after it was highlighted how one of its cocktail's names was regarded as a "racial slur".

Ahead of its launch bar and Pizzeria, Tutti-Frutti, promoted its quirky cocktails with their names based on Northern Ireland colloquialisms and cultural references.

One was called "Cavehill Sunrise" while another, made up of Leblon Cachaça, demerara, strawberry and lime, was called "Our Wee Sambo".

The term "sambo" is offensive to black people and the use of the phrase was highlighted on social media. The company said it should have been "samba".

The Franklin Street establishment is owned by Northern Ireland hospitality group Bachus and was formerly Chinawhite.

A spokesman for Tutti-Fruitti told the Belfast Telegraph “there was a misprint in the press release,” which has since been amended and the correct name for the cocktail was “Our Wee Samba”.

Bachus owns around 12 venues including Miel et Moi, Rita's, Filthy McNasty's and The Perch in Belfast. Tutti-Frutti was transformed after a £250,000 makeover.

The Bachus Group said it would bring more than 30 jobs when it opens. It will host live entertainment three nights a week from 3pm until late.

Speaking ahead of the launch, general manager Michael Johnston said: "We are delighted to be investing once again in the Northern Ireland hospitality sector and creating opportunities for those that wish to carve out a career within the industry.

"Our level of investment clearly outlines ongoing commitment and our vision for Tutti Frutti ensures we are continually looking to bring something new and fresh to the market."

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