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Belfast based dissident republican group threatens to 'actively target Crown forces'

A new armed dissident republican group calling itself the "Irish Republican Movement" (IRM) have said they will "actively target crown forces" involved in policing republican commemorations.

The Irish News have reported that the group is made up of former Oglaigh Na hEireann members who declared a ceasefire earlier this year.

The group are understood to be based in Belfast and west Tyrone and have access to weapons.

In a statement released to the Irish News the group have said that "crown forces" involved in policing republican commemorations will be "actively targeted" by the group.

It comes after disturbances in Lurgan and Londonderry following Easter Commemorations earlier this month.

They also said that anyone who is involved in selling drugs within the nationalist community must stop immediately or "penalty is death".

The group have warned people involved in general criminality that they too will be at risk.

Sinn Féin MLA Gerry Kelly has called on the group to "disband and get off the back of the community".

“There is absolutely no place for this group,” the North Belfast MLA said.

“It seems this latest group has emerged from yet another split which is testament to the lack of any cohesion, strategy, support or credibility within dissident republican circles.

“Instead of issuing threatening statements to newspapers, what they should be doing is getting off the stage and off the backs of the community.”

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