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Belfast bonfire to be moved after agreement reached



Bonfire material.

Bonfire material.

Stephen Hamilton / Press Eye

Bonfire material.

A bonfire in east Belfast is to be moved away from a contentious area so that it does not endanger nearby homes, it has been announced.

The East Belfast Community Initiative (EBCI) said that an agreement has been reached with bonfire builders at the Bloomfield Walkway site to move it away from the area of contention.

The move comes after DUP councillor George Dorrian intervened to de-escalate tensions after bonfire material was stored at a car park off the Upper Newtownards Road.

The EBCI said the bonfire will move away from the contentious area to a safe space and the height of the bonfire will be such that it will not endanger the homes of any members of the community.

Jamie Bryson

Jamie Bryson, from the EBCI, said:  “This is another positive local agreement and once again demonstrates the productivity of self regulation.

“No unionist worth their salt is ever going to be regulated in their cultural expression by statutory agencies.

"Self regulation in order to advance our core purpose of enhancing and protecting unionist cultural expression is the only way to resolve contentious issues."

He added: “We congratulate the relevant bonfire group and east Belfast loyalists, without whose leadership and forward strategic thinking such outcomes would not be possible.”

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