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Belfast boy (16) scores part of teenage George Best

By Joanne Sweeney

The actor set to play the young George Best has been found - and he's a real Belfast boy.

But the producers of George Best: The Movie are not revealing the identity of the 16-year-old to protect him from the limelight.

With nearly £100,000 coming in so far in crowdfunding from fans, the cinematic homage to the late and great footballer has been given the green light.

Last night producer Stephen Evans said: "We decided to look for a footballer who can act rather than an actor who needs to learn to play football. Finding such a boy, who also has the legendary looks and charm of the great man, was clearly a challenge, but we are happy.

"We've met some great lads from Belfast in the casting process. I'm afraid we won't be revealing our George just yet. Shooting hasn't started and we don't want our lad to be pushed into the limelight too soon."

The film's producers also released details of the plot for the first time.

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Mr Evans confirmed: "The first draft of the screenplay is complete and we can reveal that the movie will kick off in a raucous Belfast pub in the late 1950s - complete with live music, shipyard workers and the local community celebrating the end of the week."

"The following morning we meet George Best and his family, who have just heard about the Munich air disaster.

"George, being a fanatic young footballer, runs to the park to kick a ball around with his mates and dreams of becoming the next star of Manchester United."

He promised that the one hour and 40 minute film would be roughly 50/50 between telling George's legendary life story and archive footage of his best matches.

It will feature recreated footage of George's youth footballing career in a number of Belfast locations along with archive footage showing Best's genius on the field.

One archive game confirmed as included in the film is the famous match where Northern Ireland beat Scotland 1-0 on October 21, 1967.

While the 21-year-old Best did not score in that match, his performance marked him out as coming of age in the beautiful game.

You can help finance the movie

Make your contribution to the crowdfunding campaign and help finance the movie. In return for your contribution, you can select from a range of exclusive George Best The Movie rewards. Go to or call 020 7349 0622 to learn more. The campaign video can be viewed on Tifosy’s YouTube channel here

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