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Belfast bus lane cameras net £57,000 in just one week

By Noel McAdam

New 'snooper' cameras on central Belfast bus lanes snared more than 1,200 drivers in the first week, it has been confirmed.

The opening days of the operation earned at least £57,273 for Stormont coffers.

But it could rise to as much as £114,000 if drivers do not pay up within 14 days at the discounted rate of £45. The lower estimate could pay for almost half of the entire installation costs of the bus lane cameras, according to Assembly statements.

But the SDLP MLA who unearthed the 'caught on camera' statistics said he was "shocked" by the figures.

Alban Maginness also said the cash should be recycled into road repairs and maintenance works.

The camera crackdown on motorists using bus lanes in the city centre went 'live' on June 21.

Drivers caught on camera faced hefty fines of £90 - reduced to £45 if they pay within two weeks.

Meanwhile, it also emerged the cost of installing the bus lane cameras in Belfast was £162,611.

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