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Belfast charity appeals for help treating badly injured cat burned by car engine

Inky has had to have a leg amputated and was treated for singed ears.

Inky the cat suffered a badly broken leg (Cats Protection/PA)
Inky the cat suffered a badly broken leg (Cats Protection/PA)

A charity has appealed for help to treat a kitten who suffered burns after seeking shelter on a car engine with a badly broken leg.

Named Inky by vets who operated on him, the badly injured 10-week-old was found by a member of the public in east Belfast.

He has since had his foreleg amputated and received treatment for burns to his ears.

The Cats Protection Adoption Centre in Belfast, which is caring for the kitten before he is well enough to be rehomed, has appealed for donations to help pay for treatment costs of at least £800.

Inky the cat was found in east Belfast with a badly broken leg and burnt ears after hiding in a car engine (Cats Protection/PA)

Deputy manager at the centre Andrew Doherty said: “It’s not known how poor Inky broke his leg so badly, but we think he probably burned his ears when he was hiding inside the hot car engine.

“His leg was so badly damaged that, sadly, the only option was for vets to remove it. It’ll take Inky a few weeks to recover from the operation, but so far he’s taken it in his stride.

“He’s a very friendly and relaxed kitten and is enjoying all the fuss and attention from volunteers and staff at the centre.

“Inky isn’t yet available for rehoming, but anyone interested in offering him a new home can keep an eye out for him on our website.

“He’ll be able to do most things cats do on his remaining three legs, but as he won’t be able to scale fences or escape from potential dangers as well as four-legged cats can, he’ll be looking for an indoor home.”

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