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Belfast child 'in Halloween mask' escapes serious injury in collision with car

By Allan Preston

A boy struck by a car in west Belfast while reportedly wearing a Halloween mask has been released from hospital.

The 12-year-old was rushed to hospital following the incident on the Glen Road near Poleglass at around 8.35pm on Saturday evening.

His injuries were not life-threatening.

Initially it was reported by a Belfast councillor that the boy had been dressed as a clown - prompting fears it was another example of a 'killer clown' craze where individuals dress up in order to scare people in public.

However, he later retracted this.

Sinn Fein councillor Stephen Magennis posted on social media yesterday to say a woman from Poleglass contacted him to say that someone dressed as a clown had jumped out in front of her car and that "she didn't have time to stop or swerve and hit the person".

He added: "Luckily the family were okay but shaken and the boy was taken to hospital and released with minor bruises.

"This new craze of people running about dressed as clowns has been getting out of hand and now needs to stop as this could have been a fatality last night.

"I would appeal to young people to stop this and parents be aware."

Mr Magennis later deleted his post after police said there was no suggestion the boy was dressed as a clown.

One witness who spoke to the Belfast Telegraph said the young mother involved in the crash had been left shaken and in tears.

He said that a group of young people had been gathered on the Glen Road for about 15 minutes before the collision on Saturday night.

"The kid ran across the street, she didn't see him and he got hit," he said.

"He got up and ran, but he must have been in shock.

"He was wearing a Halloween mask and people are connecting it with the clown craze.

"It was going on for 15 minutes with people running across the road, and she was the unfortunate one who drove into him.

"The car looks like a write-off. The panel that strengthens the roof is smashed and the wing mirror came off."

He added: "There's no broken bones or bodily injuries which is hard to believe.

"The kid could have died."

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