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Belfast Chinese restaurant fined over hygiene breaches


Belfast City Hall

Belfast City Hall

Belfast City Hall

The owner of a south Belfast Chinese restaurant has been fined £500 for breaches of food hygiene regulations.

Mr Yin Hun Tang, the director of Golden Phoenix 168 Ltd, was fined £200 for failing to keep its premises – the Sun Kee on Donegall Pass – clean and in good repair and condition, during an inspection undertaken by environmental health officials from Belfast City Council in March 2014.

The company was also fined £50 on each of six additional charges:

  • For failing to ensure that wash basins for cleaning hands were provided, along with materials for cleaning hands and for hygienic hand drying.
  • Failing to keep all articles, fittings and equipment with which food comes into contact clean.
  • Failing to ensure that ice which comes into contact with food or which may contaminate food was made, handled and stored under conditions that protect it from contamination.
  • Failing to ensure that every person working in a food handling area maintained a high degree of personal hygiene and wore suitable clean, protective clothing.
  • Failing to ensure that, at all stages of production and processing, food was protected against contamination likely to render it unfit for human consumption or injurious to health.
  • And for failing to implement effective monitoring procedures at critical control points.

The case was taken by Belfast City Council.

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