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Belfast: College forced to close and roads shut

By Cate McCurry

Major disruption was caused to Belfast city centre after a bomb scare in a college campus left hundreds of students and staff abandoning afternoon classes.

Belfast Metropolitan College's Millfield campus was closed yesterday as PSNI officers investigated the security alert, linked to PSNI recruitment.

Officers guided students and staff, including tutors and canteen workers, to CastleCourt shopping centre, while roads around the college were closed to traffic.

A group of electrical engineering students were to have a practical in preparation for an exam, but it had to be postponed until next week.

James Cunningham (19), from Belfast, said "This is my seventh bomb scare. We went to school in St Mary's on the Glen Road and there were a lot of scares then."

A short time after the evacuation, students were told that the college would remain closed for the rest of the day.

Belfast student Conor Smith (18) said he was returning from lunch when the alarm went off.

"We were about to head back to class when all the tutors started coming out with their stuff. The police came in and they must have asked reception to sound the alarm and when it went off we were all told to leave the building."

Peter Twigg (21), from Belfast, added: "We didn't really know what was going on, we just walked out and saw all the police there and then the fire engine pulled up outside.

"I'm off next week, so it's annoying as I was meant to do my practical today."

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