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Belfast comedian Jake O'Kane challenges 'big boy' on scrambler following Cave Hill altercation

By Jonny Bell

Belfast comedian Jake O'Kane has laid out a challenge to a "big boy" on a scrambler who threatened him on the Cave Hill.

The funny man was out on the hill when he spotted two "idiots" on scramblers and decided to record them.

They protested that they had not seen the signs banning their use in the area. Jake - naively he said - believed their excuse and deleted the recording.

"He then used the most often heard spide excuse when they're caught in the wrong," Jake wrote on Facebook, "'it isn't like we're breaking into houses'.

"I pointed out that a man is a widow and children without a Mother because of a recent scrambler crash in a public park."

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Jake explained how the "leader of the duo" got annoyed and issued threats before taking off in their scramblers showering the comedian in a hail of stones.

The north Belfast man said he could not provide an accurate description to the police so instead has issued a challenge to the "hero" who threatened him - a charity boxing match.

He said: "Why don't we pair up in one of the many blue collar boxing events now taking place.

"You're half my age so I should be easy, and if you do beat me I'll shake your hand and all is forgiven.

"Let's work our difficulties out and make a few quid for charity."

Seemingly I'm lucky I wasn't badly hurt this afternoon. I'd an altercation with two idiots on massive scramblers on...

Posted by Jake O'Kane on Tuesday, September 13, 2016

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