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Belfast comes up smelling of roses… thanks to your food waste

By Staff Reporter

Food waste from Belfast residents is helping to keep the city's parks blooming.

Belfast City Council said the amount of food and garden waste being recycled rose by 1,300 tonnes, almost 30%, in May and June following a new ban on food waste in black bins.

Yesterday the council explained that food waste was being transformed into compost to feed plants in local parks as well as saving it close to £65,000 on waste disposal costs, and helping to support up to 40 jobs.

Councillor Tommy Sandford, chair of the people and communities committee, thanked all residents and issued a reminder that all food waste - including peelings, scrapings, bones, meat, tea bags and coffee grinds - can be recycled.

Bags or brown food caddies can be ordered online at or by telephoning the Freephone number 0800 032 8100.

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