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Belfast community's anger after racist attacks spoil little boy's birthday

By Steven Alexander

An African boy whose house was attacked by racists had invited all the children in his street to his birthday yesterday.

Bricks were hurled through the windows of two properties belonging to Sudanese families in north Belfast in the early hours of Wednesday.

Mohammed Idris, who has been living in Northern Ireland for two years, and his family were left terrified.

"The neighbours are very good people, the children all play with my son and they always say 'hi' to me in the street," he said.

"This was not what we expected."

His son has just turned seven, but instead of celebrating, the family is left wondering if they are safe in Belfast.

"Now my son does not want to go out and play in the street, this morning he said he would rather stay inside," said Mr Idris.

Police are treating the attacks in Glenrosa Link in the Tigers Bay area as race hate crimes. No one was hurt in the incidents, which were reported at about 2.30am.

DUP councillor Guy Spence condemned the attacks after visiting the victims yesterday. He said they had been left very distressed.

"I am outraged that such attacks have occurred in our community and I totally condemn the perpetrators," he said.

"These racist attacks are not representative of the Tigers Bay community and are not wanted by local people. Local residents whom I have spoken to are disgusted and angry that their neighbours should have suffered such attacks and have been quick to demonstrate their support.

"Today is the birthday of one of the children of the attacked households.

"All of the other children from the street had been invited to the child's party, which demonstrates how well-liked and well integrated they are into the area. The community has rallied behind them very strongly."

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