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Belfast councillor's anger after being added to WhatsApp group selling prescription drugs

Paul McCusker
Paul McCusker

A Belfast councillor who has repeatedly warmed about the dangers of drugs in the city has hit out after being added to a WhatsApp group of people selling prescription drugs.

SDLP councillor Paul McCusker, who represents the Oldpark area of north Belfast, has campaigned for more to be done to end the scourge of drugs in the city.

He took to Facebook to express his anger after he was added to a messenger group where prescription drugs were illegally being sold.

He has reported the matter to the police.

He said: "Not the best of ideas to have added a councillor into a WhatsApp group selling drugs.

"Somehow my number has been added into a group chat of around thirty people offering drugs such as pregabalin & diazepam.

"This shows how easy it is for those selling drugs to distribute to those quite often suffering from an addiction and they don’t care about the devastation it causes. This has been reported to police to investigate."

Pregabalin, also known as Lyrica, is a medication used to treat epilepsy, neuropathic pain, fibromyalgia and generalised anxiety disorder.

Diazepam, also known as Valium, is used to treat anxiety disorder.

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