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Belfast 'crucify Catholics' graffiti still visible after at least two days

By Kirsten Elder

Sectarian graffiti in south Belfast, that threatens to crucify Catholics, still remains visible after at least two days.

The chilling image of a masked gang with baseball bats beside the graffiti which reads ‘taigs will be crucified’ appeared on social media on Monday afternoon and is close to the Broadway roundabout and Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast.

It’s understood ‘VTOT’ stands for Village Team On Tour, a loyalist gang from South Belfast.

SDLP Councillor Tim Attwood said: “It was a shocking, apparent piece of sectarian graffiti that was put up to increase tensions.

“There is a responsibility from all bodies, whoever they may be to act quickly to take down sectarian graffiti.”

Mr Attwood added: “We (SDLP) are in talks now with the Council and other bodies and hopefully it will be resolved quickly…whoever the body is needs to respond quickly to ensure we have safe communities and to leave up sectarian graffiti for one or even two days is not acceptable.”

The box is property of the Department for Regional Development (DRD), but is maintained by HMM under the PPP contract. HMM is the Design, Build and Operate Company responsible for large parts of the motorway network.

A DRD spokesperson said: “The removal of graffiti such as this can only be carried out where it is safe to do so for our workers and with the support of the local community.”

Belfast City Council is responsible for the removal of graffiti from public buildings and public property.

A spokesperson from Belfast City Council said: “This property is not ours but we are in discussions with the local community and if we can reach an accommodation we will remove the graffiti.”

The PSNI are appealing for anyone with any information about this incident and are urging people to contact police at Strandtown on the non-emergency 101 or you can call Crimestoppers and speak to them anonymously on 0800 555 111."

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