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Belfast Culture Night: The wacky and wonderful on every street corner


Thousands of curious sightseers descended on Belfast for the wacky entertainment extravaganza known as Culture Night.

The fifth annual event saw the streets, places and spaces in the Cathedral Quarter and beyond bursting with revellers, young and old.

More than 250 dance, music, theatre and visual arts were staged at 100 locations.

Last night, Culture Night programme organiser Adam Turkington told the Belfast Telegraph the entire team was thrilled with how the weird and wonderful festival of fun has panned out.

"Every year we're so busy planning the thing, we don't always take time to appreciate just how massive culture night has become," he said.

"And every year we're cautiously hopeful of a decent turnout, and sure enough, every year we're blown away by the numbers that come down to the city centre and beyond to celebrate Culture Night.

"Just looking around me now, it's utterly incredible, people of all ages and backgrounds milling about and exploring and enjoying all sorts of different performances and oddities.

"Happenings on every corner and a city centre where everybody is smiling."

Mr Turkington also said he was particularly happy the annual event is a welcoming environment for "anyone and everyone".

"I think most importantly about Culture Night Belfast, the city becomes one huge shared space for all, he added.

"I take my hat off to the amazing team and the countless performers, artists and organisations who make it happen every year, but also to the tens of thousands of people who vote with their feet and say 'this is the kind of inclusive and fun city that we want to be a part of'."

Culture Nights also took place in other centres such as Londonderry and Newry.

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