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Belfast dog owner carries beloved pet on final Cavehill walk together

By Cate McCurry

A devoted dog owner has said his final goodbye to his beloved pet by carrying him up Belfast's Cavehill.

Dave Wright from Carrickfergus took his loyal hound, George, for one last walk before he had to put him down.

The pair have been inseparable for the last 15 years and often walked the scenic Belfast route.

So last Sunday, Dave took his four-legged friend for one last time over the hill that they both know so well.

When George, who is now too old to walk, struggled with the adventure, Dave carried him for their final journey.

"We have had 15 great years together and as he is getting put down this week, I thought it only right that we take one last walk together," said Dave, as he held back tears.

George went everywhere with Dave, including trips to Newcastle in Co Down on his motorbike, when George would sit in front of Dave.

When the dog lover visited his girlfriend in Belfast, and left George with her for a while, the faithful pet waited for him to say his goodbyes, then hightailed it back to Dave's home in Thornfield, Carrickfergus.

Their final goodbye echoes that of Mark Woods from Newquay who appealed for fellow dog lovers to join him on his last walk on a beach with Walnut, his 18-year-old whippet, who he had to put to sleep.

Hundreds of people and well-wishers joined Mark and his family on Porth beach for his final farewell.

Mark carried Walnut across the beach as he was too weak to walk because of his old age.

He explained that the beach was Walnut's favourite place to go for a walk.

The dog's story was shared thousands of times while people from all over the UK turned up at the beach to show their support.

Posting shortly after Walnut was put to sleep, Mark said that he went "very quickly" in his arms.

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