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Belfast freight firm counts cost as customer fails to pay

By Rachel Martin

A Belfast-based freight company has been left with more than 4,000 items of skater-style sportswear and fashion clothing after a US customer failed to pay money owed.

It is claimed the US firm once owed more than £250,000, but the debt was brought down to around £20,000 after a payment agreement was put in place. However, the final few payments were never made.

The Northern Ireland firm, Surefreight Global Forwarding, is now looking for a buyer for the items it has been left with to recover some of the loss.

Surefreight Group employs more than 250 people in Northern Ireland across its sites in Belfast and Newry.

Stephen Nelson, managing director at the company, said: "It's never a nice thing to have to do, and something which would only ever happen as a last resort."

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