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Belfast funeral costs are lowest in UK at £2,950

By Claire McNeilly

It's much cheaper to die in Belfast than in any other region of the UK, it has emerged

A new report has found the average cost of a funeral here comes in at £2,950, but that's still significantly lower than the UK average of £3,757.

But, notwithstanding the price tag, the cost of saying goodbye is a burden that hard-pressed consumers are finding increasingly more difficult to shoulder.

Following a 6% hike in funeral fees over the last five years, Royal London's latest national funeral cost index has revealed that debt has hit an all-time high of £131m.

It's a shocking figure and it means that mourners have been taking on average debts of £1,744 in order to pay for their loved ones' funerals.

Royal London's funeral cost expert, Louise Eaton-Terry, said high funeral costs have left many families in difficulties after taking on "a mountain of debt".

"More support needs to be offered to families struggling to pay for funeral costs, and as a result being forced into debt," she said.

"No-one should have to struggle to give their loved ones a decent send-off."

In London, where dying is most expensive, burial costs have soared to almost £12,000 - that's four times more than in Belfast, where the average cost of a burial will set you back around £3,050.

Cremation here is even cheaper, sitting at £2,851.

The figures provided by Royal London relate only to the cost of the burial itself and don't account for additional costs.

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