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Belfast golf club determined to get back to normality after terror bomb bid

Shandon Park Golf Club in east Belfast
Shandon Park Golf Club in east Belfast
Brett Campbell

By Brett Campbell

The management of a Belfast golf club remain defiant after one of its members was targeted in a dissident republican bomb attack at the weekend.

The vice captain's tournament at Shandon Park Golf Club was abandoned at around 1pm on Saturday following the sinister discovery of a booby-trap device attached to the underneath of a police officer's car.

Around 70 players were forced off the fairways and greens as Army bomb disposal experts arrived to examine the device, which had been placed with murderous intent.

"We are just so glad that nobody was killed or injured," a club officer told the Belfast Telegraph yesterday.

"This has been a major shock to everyone at the club and residents in the area.

"We are all disappointed that attacks like this are still happening in 2019.

"We thought these days were over."

Evening festivities were also axed following the major incident, which has left everyone at the golf club and nearby residents stunned.

It is understood the chilling discovery was made around five hours after the target had teed off for his early morning game.

Instead of leaving the club feeling relaxed - or proud of his score card - the family man walked away traumatised.

He will be left with a list of terrifying questions.

Who tried to assassinate him?

Why did they single him out?

How long were they watching him and his family?

Will they make another attempt on his life?

Investigators are working hard to help their colleague get much needed answers and to apprehend those responsible.

But that is unlikely to be of much comfort in the short-term as the victim deals with the inevitable upheaval to his personal life as a result of the attack. The murder bid will also have a chilling effect on other police officers, who have been reminded starkly of the continuing need to be vigilant.

Yesterday Assistant Chief Constable George Clarke commended all those officers who serve our communities every day despite the severe terrorist threat against them.

Meanwhile, golf club staff and members forced themselves to smile through a barbecue yesterday as part of a concerted effort to return to normality.

"We will reschedule what was ruined on Saturday," the club officer vowed. "We want to get back to normal, that's why we have reopened so quickly."

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