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Belfast High Court told of woman's 'lesbian assault'

By Alan Erwin

A woman was allegedly subjected to sexual assault during a lesbian encounter on a night out in Belfast, the High Court heard.

Prosecutors claimed she was attacked after being picked up on the street in a drunken state and taken to a house in the city.

A man and a woman are accused of targeting her during the incident nearly five years ago.

Portuguese national Maitana Pereira was only returned to Northern Ireland last month to face criminal proceedings after being detained on a European arrest warrant.

The 27-year-old, with a former address at Orkney Street in Belfast, was refused bail on a charge of sexual assault.

Conor Gillespie, prosecuting, said the alleged victim, who was intoxicated, agreed to get into a car with a man and woman offering to take her to a party. It was alleged that Pereira and the victim took part in consensual sex acts.

It was claimed that, at one stage, the man began touching her without warning. Pereira denies the sexual assault charge, claiming she was unaware of the man's actions.

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