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Belfast hit-and-run driver urged to contact police as victim fights for his life

By Chris McCullough

A man in his 40s who was the victim of a hit-and-run on Saturday in Belfast was fighting for his life in hospital last night.

The pedestrian was struck by a car on the Lisburn Road, close to Wellesley Avenue.

Police were informed of the incident shortly before 10pm and the man was taken to hospital.

The Belfast Trust confirmed the man remained in a critical condition.

The police say the car involved was silver in colour and may have significant damage to its front.

It did not stop, and continued countrywards along the Lisburn Road.

It is believed the vehicle may have then turned left, heading in the direction of Malone Road.

Belfast councillor Jim Rodgers said the number of similar incidents in the city and across Northern Ireland was a serious concern.

The UUP man has urged the driver of the car to turn him or herself in before police paid a visit.

Mr Rodgers said: "The number of accidents on our roads is very frightening, and the number of similar hit-and-run accidents is very alarming.

"The standard of driving in this case has been terrible.

"If anyone knows the driver they should contact the police immediately.

"Indeed, the driver him or herself should own up and hand themselves into the police before they come knocking on their door."

Mr Rodgers added: "I sincerely hope the man makes a speedy recovery.

"My thoughts and prayers are with this man and his family.

"It's dreadful to think about all the people in hospital with injuries sustained by hit-and-run drivers.

"These people are often forgotten about by the public and only their families know the battle they go through trying to recover.

"I am sorry to say that alcohol plays a big part in many of these hit-and-run accidents. I am not saying alcohol has been involved in this case, but all too often people take a chance and drive home, hoping they will not be caught.

"The police are very proactive in these types of accidents and I am sure will apprehend the person responsible very soon.

"I strongly urge the driver of the silver car to own up and hand themselves in to the police before they receive a knock on the door from the authorities.

The PSNI is appealing for anyone who was on the Lisburn Road on Saturday night and who witnessed the collision, or anyone with any information about the silver car, to contact officers at Lisburn Road on 101, quoting reference number 1512 of 10/09/16.

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