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Belfast Holyland's students behaviour no worse than at Twelfth, says SDLP landlord Boyle

By Jonny Bell

The SDLP councillor Declan Boyle - who is a landlord with student properties in the city - has compared the recent anti-social behaviour of students in the Holyland to that of Culture Night, football fans at the Euros and the Twelfth.

With the return of Freshers' Week Holylands residents have spoken out of the anti-social behaviour that has returned to their doorsteps.

Since the weekend Belfast City Council has referred a number of people to the police and their respective academic institutions.

One woman told the BBC her granddaughter was missing school because of the lack of sleep.

Discussing the matter on the BBC's Good Morning Ulster, SDLP Belfast City councillor Declan Boyle - who is also a landlord for Holylands properties - said people need to "face reality".

He said: "It was lively yesterday evening and the evening before. This is what happens in Freshers' Week, I don't excuse it, but this is what happens.

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"We have to face reality. We have an area that has thousands of students and probably 95/96% occupancy.

"I went into town last Friday night [for culture night] and people were doing exactly the same. There was, singing, drinking in the street, making plenty of a noise and left a mess behind them.

"And that's grand."

Mr Boyle continued: "During the summer we had the Euros - we had two weeks of this in France.

"And we had plenty of drinking, plenty of singing in France in Paris and they were hailed as ambassadors and they got an award for it.

"So let's get real.

"I can take you to the Lisburn Road on the Twelfth and this is repeated year-on-year.

"And it's quite acceptable

"I am not saying this is acceptable, I am saying young people in my view drink too much and alcohol is a big part of it."


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