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Belfast in UK's top-10 'sleepless' cities

New research has shown Belfast to be among the top-10 cities in the UK with the highest rates of self-reported insomnia.

The study carried out on behalf of insurance company Aviva, a major provider of health insurance, found around one-third of respondents say they suffer from insomnia - which would equate to around 16 million people across the UK's adult population.

Focusing on 17 cities across the UK, the results found Belfast to be the city with the sixth highest level of sleeplessness - with 33% of people saying they suffered from insomnia.

Topping the list of sleepless cities was Welsh capital Cardiff, with 37% self-reporting insomnia, followed by Sheffield on 36% and Glasgow on 35%.

The UK cities with the highest levels of self-reported insomnia. / Credit: Aviva

At a national level 67% of adults said they suffered from disrupted sleep, with just under a quarter getting less than five hours sleep a night.

Women fared worse than men across the UK, getting an average of one hour less sleep each night.

The National Sleep Foundation - a non-profit organisation focused on promoting healthier sleeping habits - recommends getting between seven and nine hours sleep each night.

Aviva have released the study ahead of the clocks going back this Sunday, giving people an extra hour in bed.

The survey was carried out in conjunction with Censuswide and surveyed more than 2,200 people throughout the UK during September.

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