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Belfast International Airport chiefs eye a runway victory in charity challenge

By Rebecca Black

Two senior bosses at Belfast International Airport are to go head to head - on the runway.

Brian Carlin, director of commercial development, and Graham Keddie, managing director, have embarked on a training programme after publicly challenging each other to a 10k race.

They have both even bet hundreds of pounds against each other to win.

But it is all in the name of charity, with the proceeds going to child cancer funds and other good causes, whomever wins.

The race will take place in Hungary as part of the Budapest Runway Run on Saturday, September 5, an annual event in the air transport industry.

Runners from airlines, airports and enterprises across the global aviation community compete for a series of Airport "golden cake trophies", including the key team prize of the "the fastest airline in the world".

Mr Keddie also stands a chance of winning the fastest airport chief crown.

At this early stage, Mr Carlin is more confident.

Mr Keddie said: "I've got a wee bit of catching up to do, but I'm also mindful that over-training is a condition that befalls even the best athletes, so I'll be resisting all my natural urges to work out in every spare moment."

Mr Carlin said: "I don't expect to have to be reaching into my pocket to settle this bet.

"I only enter competitions with the solid expectation of winning."

Both airport executives are planning to take part in the 10k distance (four runway lengths), although there is a less arduous 5k race option for those less athletically inclined.

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