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Belfast International Airport warns travellers to behave

Belfast International Airport has issued a behaviour warning to passengers in the wake of a series of drink-fuelled incidents where travellers were not allowed to fly.

The airport said it wanted to remind passengers they will be refused access to their flights if their behaviour is unacceptable.

Airport bosses said in recent weeks there had been a number of cases where groups and individuals were turned back at departure gates or offloaded after boarding because they had "over-stepped the mark".

Like many airports across the UK, Belfast International sees many stag and hen parties congregating in the departures area bound for destinations across the UK and Europe.

The warning urged passengers to respect fellow travellers by not engaging in "unruly or boisterous behaviour" prior to or after boarding their aircraft.

Airport operations and security manager Rod Haskins said: "We want all of our passengers to have a good experience when they travel through our airport.

"We're not trying to stop customers from having a good time but there have been occasions when boisterous behaviour, often alcohol related, has caused problems.

"This leads to obvious disappointment for the individuals and their companions.

"By all means, groups and individuals can enjoy themselves, but we earnestly request they remain within the bounds of good behaviour. We especially ask that they are mindful of other travellers and children on their flights, and it is unacceptable if their behaviour falls short of what's required.

"As we enter the busy summer season, we are working with our airlines to address the matter and to advise all passengers of their responsibilities to others, and remind them that if they over-step the mark, they could end up being denied access or removed from the aircraft."


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