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Belfast is the UK's biggest procrastinating city according to new study


Are you reading this when you should be doing something else?

Well, according to a new study so is the rest of Belfast as research has found it is the UK's biggest procrastinating city clocking up 63 hours a month putting things off.

We've all been there - whether it's an essay due, a big decision to make, sorting out bills or getting the will-power to go to the gym - the list is endless.

Somehow a final scroll through Facebook or just one more cup of tea makes the thought of that looming task a little more bearable.

The research has shown that people in Belfast spend more than 14 hours a week putting things off.

And they aren't alone as on average people in the UK spend around 11 hours a week putting things off which amounts to 24 days of procrastination a year.

Topping the list of things people avoid the most is financial planning which 2,017 adults doing so - making up 12 percent

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It was closely followed by exercising at 11 percent and household chores at nine percent with dieting making up eight percent.

And how are people carrying out their procrastination?

The most popular avoidance tactic proved to be watching TV followed by making a cup of tea or coffee, eating and checking social media.

However the study conducted by independent research company Censuswide for Beagle Street found that respondents in Belfast were the worst for not getting things done.

The UK’s biggest procrastinators:

1.    Belfast (63 hours a month procrastinating)

2.    Leeds (54 hours a month)

3.    London (53 hours a month)

4.    Birmingham (52.5 hours a month)

5.    Norwich (52 hours a month)

6.    Bristol (51 hours a month)

7.    Brighton (48 hours a month)

8.    Southampton (47 hours a month)

9.    Sheffield (46.5 hours a month)

10. Manchester (45 hours a month)

Top 10 most common things that people procrastinate about:

1.    Planning for financial future (12 per cent of vote)

2.    Exercising (11 per cent)

3.    Doing household chores (9 per cent)

4.    Dieting (8 per cent)

5.    Doing DIY (7 per cent)

6.    Going to the dentist (6.5 per cent)

7.    Doing important work (6 per cent)

8.    Making a big decision (5.8 per cent)

9.    Getting a health check-up (5 per cent)

10 .Looking for a new job (4 per cent)

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