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Belfast is UK's sixth happiest city, new research shows

Belfast has been named the UK's sixth happiest city
Belfast has been named the UK's sixth happiest city

Belfast is the UK's the sixth happiest city to live and work in, according to new research.

Data compiled by the independent job board CV-Library found that 62.5% of Belfast residents feel happy living and working in Northern Ireland's capital.

The research was carried out by psychologist Dr Cliff Arnall and is based on a survey of 2,000 working professionals.

With its vast array of shops, beaches and direct links to London, the seaside town of Brighton topped the list, with 86.4% of residents stating they feel happy there everyday.

According to Dr Cliff Arnall, Belfast earned a place in the top ten due to its strong business environment and location.

"As a fast growing sci-tech hub, Belfast is a top location to consider moving too; especially as 62.5% of its dwellers say they feel happy every day," he said.

"And there’s some good reasons behind this. The city has a nice mix of bustling activity and peacefulness, what with it being only 30 minutes from the coast.

"Alongside this there are some great employers operating in the city. From Bombardier Aerospace, the province’s largest industrial employer, to Fujitsu and Queen’s University Belfast."

Belfast's most profitable employers include SSE Renewable Onshore, NI Water and Danske Bank.

Breaking down the figures, 66.7% of Belfast professionals said they enjoyed their current job, while 51.7% said they have a good work-life balance.

Belfast came in just above Scotland's capital, Edinburgh, where 60% of professionals said they enjoyed their job.

Lee Biggins, founder and CEO of CV-Library, said: "No one can be happy all the time, but being able to make the most of the good times and cope effectively when life does get tough is crucial.

"If you are struggling, it’s important to not only seek professional help or talk to your loved ones, but also to really consider what’s making you unhappy.

"Make a list and try to think of solutions: maybe it’s time to find a new job, start a new hobby, or even take some time out to think about your goals."

Meanwhile, Sheffield was ranked the UK's unhappiest city, with 57.7% of respondents reporting below average daily happiness.

The UK's happiest cities to live and work in are:

  • 1. Brighton – 86.4%
  • 2. Swansea – 75%
  • 3. Glasgow – 70.6%
  • 4. York – 66.7%
  • 5. Lincoln – 63.2%
  • 6. Belfast – 62.5%
  • 7. Edinburgh – 62.5%
  • 8. Birmingham – 61.3%
  • 9. London – 61%
  • 10. Manchester – 60%

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