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Belfast living gets cheaper thanks to the falling pound

By Noor Nanji

Belfast is becoming a much cheaper to live - for those from outside the UK - after the city plummeted to 186th in a global Cost of Living ranking.

Cities in the UK are now the cheapest they have been for expatriates to live in for at least a decade thanks to the pound's plunge since the Brexit vote, a survey has shown.

The latest global Cost of Living rankings by ECA International reveal that British cities have fallen dramatically by up to 68 places and out of the top 100 globally.

It marks their lowest ever recorded ranking in the 10 years the survey has been running, as the Brexit-battered pound makes everyday items more affordable for overseas people coming to live in the UK.

Belfast has dropped to 186 in the ranking.

Last year, it dropped 32 positions from 111 to 143.

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