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Belfast loyalist parade is restricted


Restrictions have been placed on a Black Saturday loyal order parade in north Belfast.

Seven police officers were injured during clashes following last year's march which passes St Patrick's Catholic church at Donegall Street as part of its route.

This year's event takes place on Saturday, August 31.

The Parades Commission has ruled bands must play just a single drumbeat as it passes along Clifton Street close to the nationalist Carrick Hill area.

As the march moves past St Patrick's bands must only play hymn music, with no supporters permitted to accompany the parade along that part of the route.

Around 600 people, including 10 bands, are due to take part in the parade. Three nationalist residents groups will stage protests with a total of 120 people taking part.

The Parades Commission also said a Black Saturday feeder parade in Castlederg next week can only play hymns in certain parts of the town.

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