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Belfast man drank mayonnaise and made sandwich in Spar with stolen ingredients, court told

Robert Smyth appeared before Belfast Magistrates' Court on Thursday (stock photo)
Robert Smyth appeared before Belfast Magistrates' Court on Thursday (stock photo)

By Alan Erwin

A thief used stolen ingredients to make his own sandwich inside a grocery shop in Northern Ireland, a court has heard.

Robert Smyth, 45, also opened and drank from a bottle of mayonnaise at a Spar in south Belfast.

Smyth, of Verner Street in the city, was fined £100 after he admitted carrying out a theft his lawyer described as "bizarre". 

Belfast Magistrates' Court heard he entered the Spar on Sunnyside Street on August 18, took an apple crumble and put it in his bag.

He then lifted a loaf and packet of ham, opened them and proceeded to make himself a sandwich inside the store.

Smyth also selected a bottle of garlic mayonnaise, drinking some of its contents before exiting with his self-made snack.

He stood outside by a trolley station for a period before returning to the shop in an attempt to take a newspaper and pizza.

Some of the items taken were unfit for resale, the prosecution confirmed.

When the theft charge was put to him in court today Smyth confirmed his guilty plea.

Defence solicitor Diarmaid Kelly said: "It's a bizarre incident which he has no recollection of whatsoever, he was under the influence of prescription medication at the time.

"He was still standing in the shop when police arrived."

Mr Kelly argued that his client has already spent four days in custody due to issues with an address.

Imposing the £100 fine, Deputy District Judge Trevor Browne also ordered Smyth to pay £15 compensation for the items consumed.

Mr Browne commented: "People trying to carry out a business and somebody comes in and helps themselves, (that) seems to be his stock-in-trade."

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