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Belfast man found guilty over illegal tooth whitening

A Belfast man has been found guilty of offering an illegal tooth whitening service.

Samuel Irvine-Madine was prosecuted by the UK regulator, the General Dental Council (GDC), for illegally presenting himself as a dentist - specifically for offering tooth whitening.

Tooth whitening falls within the practice of dentistry. Legally, it can only be carried out by individuals regulated by the GDC, such as dentists and dental therapists.

Mr Irvine-Madine pleaded guilty at Belfast Magistrates Court on Tuesday to unlawfully holding himself out as being prepared to practice dentistry.

The offence was detected on November 7, 2014 at the HD Smile Clinic on Belfast's Shankill Road.He also pleaded guilty to unlawfully using the title 'dental therapist'.

The GDC said Mr Irvine-Madine is not a qualified dental therapist and has never been registered with it.

He was fined £750 and ordered to pay costs to the GDC of £622.

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