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Belfast man raided his granny's bank account

A man who stole his grandmother's bank card and then raided her bank account was yesterday placed on probation for six months.

William Paul Crozier (19) of Malone Road, Belfast, made up to three unauthorised withdrawals last month.

A total of £285 was taken from the account of his grandmother, Josephine Lanighan.

Belfast Magistrate’s Court heard the victim alerted her bank after discovering the card was missing on May 15.

Prosecutors said she also contacted her grandson because he knew her pin number.

Crozier admitted two counts of theft as soon as police began their investigations.

A prosecution lawyer added: “The defendant stated he was sorry for taking the card and money.”

It was disclosed in court that Crozier's grandmother made a statement withdrawing her complaint.

But with guilty pleas entered, the case progressed to sentencing.

A defence solicitor confirmed: “He has mended his relationship with his grandmother.

“He is coming to an arrangement to repay her.”

Imposing a six months probation order, District Judge Fiona Bagnall said: “I want to recognise the early plea and keep it to a minimum.”

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