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Belfast man to face trial over rhino horns theft plot

By Matthew Cooper

A man from Northern Ireland - one of 13 men charged with plotting to steal £1.5m-worth of rhinoceros horns and antique Chinese porcelain - will face trial in April next year, a court has heard.

The defendants, aged between 25 and 67, were charged with conspiracy to steal last month after a nationwide inquiry into high-value museum and auction house thefts.

Terence McNamara (46) of Marquis Street, Belfast, and 10 other defendants were yesterday bailed by a judge at Birmingham Crown Court men until a plea hearing next March.

It is alleged that the men, from London, Essex, Cambridgeshire, Wolverhampton and Belfast, conspired with others to steal rhino horn and other artefacts worth £1.5m.

One of the defendants, 44-year-old Danny O'Brien, of Cottenham, near Cambridge, was remanded in custody.

Another defendant, 26-year-old Robert Gilbert-Smith, of no fixed address, was not required to attend the hearing. A trial in the case, lasting around eight weeks, is expected to start on April 27.

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