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Belfast man who threatened to cut hostel resident's head off avoids prison

Belfast Magistrates' Court.
Belfast Magistrates' Court.

By Alan Erwin

A man who threatened to cut another hostel resident's head off in a row over a phone charger has avoided prison.

Alex Orr was given a four-month suspended jail term for striking the victim with the device after subjecting him to verbal abuse.

Appearing before Belfast Magistrates' Court today, Orr, 21, pleaded guilty to common assault and making threats.

He was arrested following the altercation at his hostel accommodation on the city's Malone Road on Monday.

A prosecution lawyer said the victim told police he had been called a "dirty paedo ****".

The court heard Orr then threw a borrowed device at the other man, hitting on the head, telling him: "There's your f****** phone charger."

During the encounter he also threatened: "I will cut your head off, I will cut your f****** throat."

Defence solicitor Pat Kelly said it had been a verbal disagreement over a borrowed charger between two men who knew each other.

"Nasty threats are then issued verbally," he accepted.

Referring to the ensuing assault, Mr Kelly went on to say: "A phone charger is not quite as heavy as a brick."

Imposing a total of four months imprisonment, District Judge Fiona Bagnall suspended the term for a year.

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