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Belfast Met student livens up graduation with a selfie-stick video

It was a graduation photo with a difference - which has been viewed more than 10,000 times.

Generally, you only get to graduate once and for one Belfast Met student he made sure he had it documented from every angle.

Ruairi McErlean (21) from Strangford livened up his graduation ceremony on Wednesday by taking a selfie-stick on to the stage with him - prompting huge cheers and laughter form the 3,000 strong audience.

The events management graduate then filmed the whole thing from waiting in line to even getting a sneaky selfie with one of the dignitaries on stage.

He then uploaded the video to Facebook and by the next day he had more than 10,000 views.

Ruairi told the Belfast Telegraph: "My friends know me for acting the eejit and I'm always game for a laugh.

"Ceremonies can be quite tedious and boring. There were 900 of us just going up in single file. The music they were playing was like something at a funeral and it was very very quiet."


Ruairi McErlean (21) from Strangford

Ruairi McErlean (21) from Strangford

Ruairi McErlean (21) from Strangford

So when it was Ruairi's turn to join the line, he saw his moment of opportunity.

He said:" I had thought about doing it and then I kind of thought yolo."

As he left his seat, the official checking his name questioned what he had with him, but he put it away and said it was 'nothing'.

Moments later he presented it and took a selfie-video of his entire journey through graduation.

He said: "While in the queue I was a wee bit nervous but I was more exited.

"The people beside me they were like, 'what are you doing.'

"When I started actually jumping around the whole place erupted in laugher."

Ruairi, who has completed work for events such as the Giro d'Italia and Wimbledon, told his parents before the ceremony what he had planned to do - much to the horror of his mum.

He said: "I told my mum i was going to do it before I went and she said, 'do not come anywhere near me with that I do not want to know you at all'".

But his best moment came when he over-heard two girls hailing when he took to the stage as the highlight of their day.

He said: "I kind of glanced at her and she seen me looking and said, 'are you that guy' and I said, 'yes that was me' and I walked on.

He added: "That made me smile more than anything else."

Ruairi, who is heading off to New Zealand this weekend - said he "had no real intention" of doing anything with the video.

He said: "I don't know what to do with it now.

"If anyone else wants to enjoy it I hope they can get as much fun out of it as we all did on the day."

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