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Belfast motorist in shock after his car is hit by crossbow bolt

By Michelle Smyth

A man was left in a state of shock after a potentially fatal crossbow bolt struck his car as he drove home from work.

He was travelling along the Albertbridge Road in east Belfast yesterday at 5.30pm when he felt something hit his vehicle.

He did not wish to speak last night, but his sister Lisa McMaster said her 39-year-old brother did not stop after the dangerous weapon was fired at him.

"He drove on as the traffic light was green and couldn't really stop," she explained.

"Originally he thought it was a brick that had been thrown but when he took a detour and drove back to the scene he saw an arrow lying on the ground.

"He got out of the car and walked up to the small entry near Cluan Place where the arrow came from.

"He saw two men – both around 18 years old – standing with the crossbow."

Lisa, who is from east Belfast, said her brother was extremely shaken up when he came to collect his daughters from his mother's house. She said: "I think he was just glad his kids weren't involved.

"He had two passengers in the car with him at the time – any one of them could have been injured or killed. I'm glad they are OK."

Lisa said she didn't believe the attack was sectarian.

She said: "They are just mindless thugs. Scumbags. I have no idea why would they even have a crossbow in the first place."

She said: "We have reported the matter to the police who are investigating."

Local MLA Michael Copeland said he was absolutely astonished.

"I am lost for words. I have heard of stone and brick-throwing in this area but a crossbow? It's unbelievable," he said.

"This is a deadly weapon and I am sure it was a terrifying experience for the people who had this fired at them.

"The people responsible have no idea or regard for how close they came to killing someone. I urge anyone with information to come forward and contact the police," the UUP man said.

In May, a man was injured after being shot at with a crossbow as he sat in a parked car in Belgravia Avenue in the south of the city.

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