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Belfast motorists fork out £2.5m for riding the bus lanes

New figures reveal that over £2.5m in fines has been paid out by motorists wrongly using Belfast bus lanes.

The figures were revealed by the BBC Stephen Nolan show which found that the Donegall Square East camera was responsible for over 22,000 fines - nearly double the next biggest trouble spot for drivers.

This whole bus lane business still has a lot of people confused. Jim Rodgers

Belfast councillor Jim Rodgers said he did not put the staggering figure down to "the stupidity of motorists".

"I don't accept that," he said.

"There is a lack of clarity and confusion over how how they are laid out.

"I would ask is there a need for the Donegall Square East camera? A majority of people would say no - it causes a lot of congestion elsewhere in the city.

"There is a flashing sign, but the buses can block it meaning people don't see it."

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