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Belfast mum in plea over lost photos of late partner

By Staff Reporter

A Belfast woman has made an emotional appeal for the return of a purse containing the only digital photos of her toddlers and their father, who died suddenly last year.

Yasmin Doyle had met friends at The Botanic Inn in south Belfast shortly before midnight on Saturday when she went to the aid of a pal and left her purse behind.

"While I was trying to get my phone out, I crouched down to dig through my handbag on the ground," Yasmin wrote in a Facebook appeal.

Yasmin set her purse containing the memory cards between her feet, but when she saw a friend in distress, she became distracted and left the purse on the ground.

"My main concern was helping her get her shoes back on and move her on from the club. I had just arrived and was totally sober but got distracted," she wrote.

Yasmin only realised the purse was missing after reaching another nearby bar, the Parlour.

"I ran back to The Bot searched where I had left it," she wrote.

But she had no joy in finding the purse, despite asking staff and door staff.

"This is my plea - if you or someone you know has my purse, please listen.

"I don't care about the money, the cards are cancelled.

"What I do care about is, there are SD cards inside the purse that are extremely valuable to me and nothing can replace them.

"My children's father passed away suddenly last August and on those cards are many memories and images of him.

"I have no other photos. I am begging you to please do the right thing and hand the purse into your local police station - no questions asked, you will be in no trouble."

Desperate Yasmin said she was praying that someone will do the right thing for her little boy and girl, Carter and Lilah, as they remember their dad, Leigh.

Last night, Yasmin's appeal had been shared more than 3,600 times as word spread. However, Yamsin did not appear to have had any luck so far last night.

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