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Belfast mum Sharon McCloskey in emotional reunion with children after stem cell transplant

'I had no tears left after hugging them, I cried so much'

Sharon McCloskey
Sharon McCloskey
Mark Edwards

By Mark Edwards

A mother-of-three from west Belfast who has a rare form of leukemia had an emotional reunion with her family after receiving potentially live-saving stem cell treatment.

Sharon McCloskey, 43, was given the shock diagnosis of the rare form of blood cancer after going to her doctor feeling extremely tired, in 2017.

Her family and friends launched a successful campaign to find a stem cell donor match allowing her to have the treatment.

Ms McCloskey has now returned home after receiving treatment in Dublin.

She spent five weeks in Belfast City Hospital before travelling to Dublin for treatment. She then spent an unbearable seven weeks away from her children, only being able to contact her children a few times due to a lack of reception in her hospital room.

Sharon told the Belfast Telegraph she has to wait 100 days and go through a raft of medical tests to see if the transplant has been successful.

"It was a very emotional day seeing my children and parents again," she told the Belfast Telegraph.

Sharon McCloskey after finishing treatment in Dublin.
Sharon McCloskey after finishing treatment in Dublin.

"My boys haven't had any parents for eight weeks. It's been tough on them but they have been brilliant.

"I had no tears left after hugging them, I cried so much.

"They are so young and no child should go through this."

She added: "I have a bone marrow biopsy in the next week or so. I have to go to the hospital twice a week at the moment for bloods and check ups.

Family and friends of Sharon launched the "Save our Sunflower Campaign" to help support her and her family during their ordeal and raising £3,000.

Posting on the campaign's Facebook page after finishing treatment, Sharon wrote: "I done it! Home and my boys here I come. Still a long road ahead, keep the prayers coming. Thank you all so much for all your support along the way."

The family then posted an emotional picture of Sharon being reunited with her family after her gruelling treatment.

The post read: "Mummy and babies back together.

"Today Sharon was reunited with her beautiful sons after months apart. Parents and even those of you who aren't parents will understand how awful this has been for them.

Sharon McCloskey reunited with her family following treatment in Dublin.
Sharon McCloskey reunited with her family following treatment in Dublin.

"We cannot thank each and every one of you enough for coming to our events to donate your Stem Cells and giving a mother back to her children and doing all you could to help save her life.

"No more words needed. This photo says it all."

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