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Belfast mum Sharon McCloskey with rare Leukemia appeals for help to save her life

Sharon McCloskey
Sharon McCloskey

A mother-of-three from west Belfast who has a rare form of Leukemia has appealed to the public to help save her life.

Sharon McCloskey, 43, was given the shock diagnosis of the rare form of blood cancer after going to her doctor feeling extremely tired last February.

She was admitted to the cancer centre at Belfast City Hospital after blood tests revealed she was anemic and needed blood transfusions.

Speaking of the moment she was told by doctors that she had Leukemia, she told the Nolan Show: "This was all very shocking to me. It was like an out of body experience, or a dream.

"I was wanting to hit my head and wake up. My husband's face looking at me, it was pure shock- like 'what is happening here'. It is awful, I can't explain how it feels to be told that."

Sharon was told that she needs a stem cell transplant but that because she has a rare tissue type, it will be hard to find a match.

Her brothers have been tested but they are not a match.

Sharon, who is from Lagmore, has three boys, aged three, seven and ten. She told of the heartbreaking moment she broke the news to her young children that she was serious ill, telling the boys that she has "bad blood".

She appealed to the public to help save her life by getting a swab kit to test if they are a match.

"I am appealing to the public to get the swabs done to give me a chance to live a good life with my children and my husband," she said.

"Also to help the people in the City Hospital behind me who are suffering like myself."

Sharon appealed to people to sign up with the charity Anthony Nolan or DKMS to see if they are a match.

If you are aged 16 to 30 you can apply to be a donor with Anthony Nolan by clicking here.

If you are aged over 30, you can apply to register with DKMS as a donor by clicking here.

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